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Ales Grey

Los Angeles, CA

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  • 6380 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90048
  • 347-670-9256


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Ales Grey™ by AGS LABS Inc., headquartered in Los Angeles, is pioneering foot-tech innovation by accelerating local green manufacturing in the USA and North America with our circular products made from future-focused materials.

By choosing to make our products in USA and North America our company is amongst the top percent of companies capable to produce footwear on-shore / near shore with the highest quality certified standards. Additionally, local manufacturing allows us to minimize the carbon emissions from the transportation of our products that are typically associated with heavy long-distance overseas shipping.

This means that by embracing local manufacturing, we deliver products faster and reinvest savings from reduced import costs into higher quality goods made with better sustainable materials—ensuring that you, the consumer and our enterprise clients can feel good about your purchase and our commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

At Ales Grey™, our innovative approach uniquely combines advanced engineering with injection molding technology and sustainably certified bio-based materials. Our footwear is designed for frontline workers, outdoor enthusiasts, and those focusing on foot health recovery. We're not just making shoes — we're taking the steps needed towards a more comfortable, healthier and safer future for all!

The company was founded by global footwear and manufacturing expert with 30 years of experience  “Sneaker “ Steve Patiño. He founded the company, naming it in honor of his son, to create a positive legacy on the world for future generations!

Join us on our mission to making the world ( A-LESS-GREY ) A world that is bluer and greener for all with less grey smoke and toxic emissions.

Fast delivery, certified sustainability, and feel great about your purchase with our local, globally conscious, higher quality, sustainable manufacturing.