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Creators of Made in USA Furniture

Welcome to Apt2B, by TRP Brands LLC. We’re so glad you’re here! It’s always been our dream to make quality, affordable furniture a reality for everyone, which is why we’re so proud to share our story behind the company. If you’re curious to learn what we’re all about and why you should consider buying Apt2B furniture, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to get the inside scoop on what makes us tick, how this company came to be and what makes Apt2B different from other furniture retailers.

How Our Story Got Started

There are lots of places to find furniture online today, but back in 2010 when Apt2B started, that wasn’t the case. Back then, we were just looking for a way to reach customers who liked modern, minimalist furniture but didn’t want to settle for bargain-basement finds due to their budget. We also didn’t want to sacrifice quality, so it was important to us to create furniture that lasts a lot longer than the stylish yet subpar-quality stuff you get from a certain Scandinavian superstore. That’s how Apt2B came about—we just wanted to create the kind of online furniture shopping option we wish existed at that time. And though new online retailers abound these days, no one has been able to match the combination of affordable prices and superior quality we offer.

The Best Made in USA Furniture

Another big benefit that comes from shopping with Apt2B is that we offer such a huge selection of furniture made in the USA. Our factories are located in Los Angeles, and every day they’re working hard to create comfortable, stylish chairs and sofas in a wide range of premium fabrics. With durable materials, skilled craftsmen and made-to-order options, we’ve got the ideal recipe for creating the kind of furniture you’ll keep using for years and years to come.