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Mar 27, 2024

GLASS Selected by U.S. Federal Government for $6 Billion E-Commerce Initiative

GLASS Selected by U.S. Federal Government for $6 Billion E-Commerce Initiative

GLASS has been chosen by the U.S. Federal Government’s General Services Administration (GSA) for a groundbreaking competitively awarded initiative.

The GSA is a cornerstone agency of the United States Government established in 1949, playing a crucial role in supporting government operations by providing essential services and resources to Federal agencies. Mandated by Congress in 2017, the GSA partnered with the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to establish The Commercial Platforms Programan initiative set to modernize and simplify the procurement of commercial products through E-Commerce portals.

GSA’s estimated $6 Billion addressable market for the E-Commerce channel represents a substantial opportunity for U.S. Federal agencies to leverage E-Commerce capabilities for strategic analysis of spending data, supply chain risk mitigation, and enhanced internal controls.

The US Federal government is the single largest purchaser in the world. What we do is seek out, vet, and set up businesses to reach a big spender who, in all likelihood, is already procuring what those businesses are selling,” explains Paola Santana, our Founder and CEO. 

“Every vendor on our platform is based in the US. Selling directly to the US government is potentially an untapped, lucrative revenue stream for over 33M small businesses,” she adds.

Long-established industry leaders such as Amazon, and Fisher Scientific were among the initial contract awardees for this innovative procurement program. Following a 15-month exhaustive selection process, our pioneering platform Glass Commerce has proudly secured its place among these industry giants.

These are companies that have been around for decades, so winning this bid really validates our Glass Commerce platform, and expanding the program means no single marketplace has a monopoly on government procurements,” adds Paola. 

“This program removes red tape and increases vendor diversity. Agencies making small purchases can do so with just a few clicks, without the hassle of paperwork or a bidding process. And with Glass, they’ll know they are buying from a verified and compliant American business.”

This recognition marks a significant step towards our goal of capturing a considerable share of the $13 Trillion Global Public Procurement Market, from which simplified government purchases represent up to 30%. 

Accelerating the economic transformation of the largest buyers in the world through powerful E-Commerce platforms, and helping them procure and provide universally accessible, best-in-class and affordable public goods and services for all, is the mission of utmost significance for our team at GLASS. A mission which now is further validated.

To learn more about our Government E-Commerce platforms, our Supply Partners programs, or how we are helping government agencies streamline and leverage procurement operations across the US, visit or contact us here.

About Glass:

Glass is an e-commerce platform revolutionizing government purchasing for local, state, and federal agencies. Its government-exclusive marketplace facilitates inclusive, sustainable, and compliant procurement processes, with over $4 million procured using its platforms and tools. Glass has partnered with 45+ government agencies and clients, offering access to 100,000+ verified products and services from hundreds of government vendors. The company’s cloud-based solution, Glass Commerce, enables compliant transactions between government buyers and verified vendors, eliminating the need for bids or excessive paperwork. 
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About General Services Administration:
The General Services Administration (GSA) is a key federal agency tasked with managing and supporting the basic functioning of the federal government. Established in 1949, the GSA oversees the acquisition of goods, services, and property for federal agencies, ensuring cost-effectiveness and compliance with regulations. It also manages federal buildings, provides transportation and telecommunications services, and assists with government-wide policies and regulations. The GSA plays a vital role in streamlining government operations and enhancing efficiency across various departments and agencies. It was mandated by the US Congress in 2017 to establish a program to enable Federal agencies to procure consumer goods through commercial e-commerce portals.
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