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Jul 8, 2024

Glass is Moving to the Salesforce Tower in San Francisco!

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in Glass' journey. After many memorable years at our Clara Street office in San Francisco, we are moving to an exciting new location: the Salesforce Tower at 415 Mission Street, in the financial epicenter of San Francisco, California. This move marks the beginning of a new chapter for our company, one filled with growth, innovation, and new opportunities.

Our Clara Street office has been the birthplace of many remarkable achievements and cherished memories. It has been a space where creativity flourished, collaborations thrived, and our team grew stronger together. As we bid farewell to this beloved location, we carry forward the spirit and energy that defined our time here.

Reflecting on our journey at Clara Street, we are filled with gratitude for the experiences we've had and the milestones we've reached. From late-night brainstorming sessions to celebrating our successes with investors, advisors, friends, and of course our beloved team of Glassbreakers, this office has been a cornerstone of our company's growth. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Clara Street for being our home and supporting us in our endeavors.

Our new home at the Salesforce Tower represents more than just a change in address. It symbolizes our commitment to pushing boundaries, embracing innovation, and striving for excellence. Located in the heart of San Francisco, the Salesforce Tower offers a dynamic and inspiring environment that aligns perfectly with our vision for the future.

Embracing Innovation and Sustainability

The Salesforce Tower stands as a beacon of modern architecture and sustainable design, much like Glass itself. Made primarily of glass, it symbolizes transparency and openness, values that resonate deeply with our company's mission. The tower's LEED Platinum certification underscores its commitment to environmental sustainability, aligning perfectly with our goal to bring innovation, transparency, and sustainability to public procurement through our flagship product, G-Commerce.

With state-of-the-art facilities, breathtaking views, and an environment that fosters creativity and collaboration, the Salesforce Tower provides the ideal setting for us to continue our mission of delivering exceptional products and services to our clients.

Positioned for Growth and Excellence

Moving to the Salesforce Tower is a testament to our growth and evolution as a company. It positions us at the forefront of innovation, surrounded by like-minded organizations and industry leaders. This move will enable us to expand our capabilities, attract top talent, and better serve our clients with cutting-edge solutions.

Our new location offers enhanced amenities, advanced technology infrastructure, and collaborative spaces that will empower our team to excel in their roles. We are excited about the possibilities this move brings and the positive impact it will have on our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Looking Ahead

The move to the Salesforce Tower is a significant milestone for Glass, one that reflects our dedication to growth, innovation, and excellence. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are confident that this new location will inspire us to reach even greater heights.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. Together, let's embrace new beginnings and continue to build a brighter future.


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